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James Piedad 336-413-0992 What People Say About My Work

I am proud of the work I produce and am flattered by the compliments my clients have shared with me.


"James is professional, hard working and his quality is unmatched. After using James services for two large scale events, I can confidently say he is the only photographer I will use in the Triad area. I highly recommend Photos by James Piedad!" 

–Tyler Haymore


"James Piedad is often inseparable from his camera. Being at the ready and able to capture an image without distorting the moment is the mark of an artist."

–Bill Flynn


"James doesn't take a picture. He takes a moment. He translates his vision through the lens into a tangible object that can be held in your hand, shared with a friend, saved in a book, and treasured by future generations. His work is so pure, you can almost step inside every shot and connect with the person he captured." 

–Tuppence van Harn


"James is able to turn his photographs into an art form. He has the gift of catching the proper angle to take to take his photographs to the next level.

–G. Keith Zimbro


"Nowadays with good camera equipment so affordable and accessible, many people can take a good photo but there are still few that can take a great one. James is one of those people who has an eye and can take great shots. He does not just get one great shot but shot after shot. He has the uncanny ability to capture the spirit of an event.

–Carmen Cox Ledford  


"James is always a trustworthy photographer for events. He does a brilliant job at capturing the moments around him"

–Jeffery Cox


"Loved the pictures taken by Photography by James Piedad at my aunt's surprise 90th birthday party. Candid shots captured the love of family through photography, and we will be able to enjoy them for many years to come."

–Sandy Gallins


"James is able to integrate himself into an event and put people at ease in order to capture the atmosphere of the event. His personality makes people comfortable so they can forget about the camera being there and true personalities come out in the photos. He is very respectful of events and people, and has the talent and patience to work with children and large groups." 

–Elizabeth Hernandez


"James has taken some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever had of my children! He is so good at capturing feelings in his candid shots. He would be my first choice when having pictures done."

 –Susan Hindle


"I would like to sincerely thank you James for the great quality of photography that you produce and share. Those of us in the political arena truly appreciate the hours that you spend taking pictures of the many events that we attend. I recommend James Piedad Photography.

-Alan Branson, Guilford County Board of Commissioners 


"As a photographer I find that James Piedad' s work is beautiful and natural. I enjoy looking at his photos as each of them tells an intriguing story. He captures human emotions at their finest."

- Beth Stephens


"James Piedad Photography always gets his shot! Professional photos and attitude!"

-Lauren Turner Holt


"James Piedad has an eye for photography like no other. He not only captures the cherished moment but also the after moments. I love the way his photos tell the story in a very special way. His instinct for capturing the right moment is dead on and is displayed throughout his work. So if your looking for a loved one to be professionally photographed or an event, call someone you can trust! You don't get a second chance to catch a special moment... Call James Piedad Photography."

- Ken & Angela Wall


“James' photography is both candid and charming; he knows composition so well and has such an eye for nuance that he manages to capture in a single photograph a story that invites the viewer and creates an instant connection with the subject.”

-Morgan Smith Owen


"What I like about James' work is his ability to capture the essence of the moment. So many of his frames have a real life to them, whether they are stills or action shots. You hardly notice him being in the room, which means that his presence doesn't affect the subject."              

-Bruce Wiley


“James, I love your photos! Your photos capture the inner beauty of your subjects and they are always amazing”

- Leigh Anne Harris Buchanan


"James is a genuine photographer without the ego, he was happy to come out with short notice to assist in a small project of mine to help me reach vision and within a deadline to meet, and the end result exceeded my expectations.  James is a great image-maker! He captures, snaps and pics just the right moments to remember if you need a photographer to capture the essence of the experience, snap just the right scene or capture all the commotion, give James a call."                

-Mandy Morman


“James Piedad has a gift in capturing the emotion of the moment. His eye for detail captures the heart with each photograph.” 

-Mark Walker


"James Piedad has been the official photographer at many of my public events. He does an excellent job of capturing important moments in pictures. His talent, skill, and work ethic make him an outstanding photographer. I would recommend his work to anyone." 

-Hon. John Hardister, NC House


“James Piedad is an excellent photographer! He knows how to get the best shots out of you and has an expert's eye for his craft. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a great photographer “  

- Chris Maddox


"James Piedad has a well-trained eye for making his clients look great in whatever setting they're in. He's a pleasure to work with, helps his clients feel at ease, and produces high quality results that create lasting memories for friends, family, or business."               

-Jeff Phillips, Guilford County Board of Commissioners 


"I have attended multiple events where James Piedad was the photographer, and each time I have been impressed with his professionalism and ability to take unique shots. James is easy to work with, dependable, and a talented photographer."

–Justin Conrad


"James is a true professional. His photographs capture the true essence of his subject. His passion shines through. Reasonably priced and accommodating, I would recommend him highly to friends and family."

- Jen Morris


"James Piedad is always able to capture a great picture and it seems like he has an ability to be at the right spot at the right time. Thanks James for all the fantastic pictures you've taken. If you are looking for a true professional photographer, think of James Piedad as he is an awesome Photographer!"       

-Tim Gossage


"James is a wonderful freelance photographer and I would ask him to take photos of any event. He has a wonderful insight and good eye for natural photos whether it be fo people or animate objects or nature scenes."                   

- James Parlier


"Jim is by far the most experienced photographer I have come across. His work and final product are priceless. Thanks, Jim!"        

-Don Wendelken


"James is able to capture that special moment in a beautiful and unforgettable way! His photography is of excellent quality and you will not be disappointed!"    

-Brenda Hathcock Brown


"I've seen a number of photos James has taken at local events. It's pretty clear he has an eye for getting good shots of people whether it is a posed shot or just enjoying the event!"                

-Jarrad Williams


"Whenever James is at one of our Club meetings or events I know it is going to be well documented in pictures. He takes great pride in his photography and has every reason to -his pictures are great! James not only is conscientious when he is photographing an event but has a lot of fun doing it

–Joanne Wittenborn