Photos by James Piedad | About

I have been married since 1993 to my wife Laura and we have two amazing sons. Frank, born in 2006 and his brother Jimmy that followed in 2007.
My family came to the Piedmont in 1906 when my grandfather, John D. Gallins immigrated here from Greece. We have made our home in Greensboro, NC since 1994.
I started taking pictures at the age of 11. My father was a serious hobby photographer. I was fortunate to grow up using Nikon 35mm and Hasselblad medium format equipment. I was proficient in film processing and darkroom work.

I have never stopped taking photos. I transitioned from film to digital and continue to work to improve my skills. It is a medium that provides the instant feedback to know you got the shot.
My specialty is catching the emotion of a moment. I am known for my ability to catch the shot. Again and again I have been complimented on the unique feel my images have.

My clients include national and state leaders. My images have been used in national campaigns and been published. I bring 30 years of capturing moments behind the camera. 

When you need photography services for events, portraits, real estate or promotions I can help with over thirty years of experience. Please call me to discuss your photo needs.